The Dead C Scrolls: Manuscript One

by Not Sure Community College

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Part 1 of C.Luk's final 2 part album. The first part is free and downloads are limited so grab yours now! If the downloads have expired for the month, please contact us for further options on obtaining hard copies or we can link you to other sites.


released November 24, 2011

Life Lab Entertainment




Not Sure Community College Lynn, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Sunshine
Let’s talk one time do it man to man/
You done said to yourself that you don’t stand a chance/
They poppin bottles of spades you got soda cans
Soon as you get bit of money you will owe da man (you a older man)/
So sell your soul again hold my hand I got the dopest plan/
That cuss free kosher bullshit won’t ever compare to just goin HAM/

I hear what you sayin but you noticing/
Everybody that goin wit you they go insane/
It’s the suits that rob and choke the game/
So fuck the man that steal (man of steel) lois lane/
I’d rather go hard with a dose of pain/
Than focus on utopias with hope and change/
Got a different kinda treasure it’s a bolder plan/
So let’s just say I’m loaded….bang

Let the sun shine in.

Let’s go let’s go. Sunshine one time let me know if you riding out wit me
Let’s go Let’s go. Sunshine one time let me know if you wilin out wit me

I’m lookin out to the left lookin out to the right
Which one of y’all are comin out for the night
Riding out we’ll start wilin out
let the sun shine in that’s the sign of life
Track Name: Ha!
They just laughin in ya face
Guns blastin in ya face
And then they ask if you ok
They the people in power
They makin you feel sour
Then give you the free powder
Now them bastards in control
Grabbin on ya soul
And just laughin as they roll


I take a breath and I swallow as the senators holla/
Who’d ever think I’d live to see the death of the dollar/
Ballers stop ballin pass the ball and I’ll drop it/
So y’all could finally spit about some relevant topics/
I’m a public enemy defendin streets to fight the power/
While half the city don’t even know what’s it’s like to shower/
Republicans argue that it’s all a lack of morals/
Democrats lost their platform with tacky quarrels/
How we supposed to act normal, Mr. Big Title?/
You build 4 casinos while we fightin’ for survival?/
Sugar House is crooked Harrah’s is crooked/
And y’all have to gall to ask what C.Luk did?/
I did plenty? Supportin kids and helping teens/
Stop dodging me and getting all ya wealth from feigns/
I see now why the block movers hatin them/
They make that trap music cuz there’s no escaping them


You are failing in life, failing in school/
It doesn’t matter what you are preparing to do/
Cuz they already labeled you “as dumb as they come”/
You want guaranteed failure make it government run/
Tell that Bully Beatdown show to bring on the pigs/
And have Rev Run referee for the young uns ya dig?/
Copy and paste this and make it a chain status/
To change the status quo and make the matters go/
Back to where they need to be it would take Magic/
Not aids, cuz the help we need will never come/
There’s no escaping this I wonder why we ever run/
Hoodrats never wanna give the runner some/
So keep that clip around your waist like a cumber bund/
Crooked cops offer goods now you forgettin quick/
Then you hand your guns over for some gift certificates?/
Take away their stop lights so you could go to shoprite?/
Track Name: You Already Know ft. The Right Hook
You already know you ain’t ready, no….
I’ma change the whole world through your radio.

You already know I’m gunnin for your pedestal/
My second through fifth place would disgrace your realest flow/
EEERRRRR peel out and go C.Luk on that Fast Six/
Asian Vin Diesel drive the Shelby this is class sick/
You in first class and buy your girl a Coach bag/
To make her feel for poor people no that is so/
Asssstan Martin music is people who have driven one/
Or dreamt about a future where you’re used to getting funds/
Which is not me, I’m shunned by this nation/
My skin color helps me put the shun back in Asian

I got knowledge I will deliver/
What you hear will give you the shivers…burrrr.


Tighten up ya frame ladies put ya Spanx on/
The artillery’s been spent and all the tanks gone/
Every rapper has the right to bear arms/
Until a real game of that truth or dare comes/
Roll up in the hood Piru gangstas on your hood/
Oh you think you hard now bitch I wish you would (wood)/
Nicki’s a year older Wayne’s a year older/
Yet if I wait another year my career’s over/
Chicks love me I’m sexy like your custodian/
As 8 out of 10 people ask what’s a Cambodian?

I’m about to pick off some weaklings/
It is wise to obey my teachings…yessir


Hip hop you confuse me, you don’t know how to use me/
So I’m gonna abuse you just like you have abused me/
Nothing is the same what is happening here?/
Ross is proven a fraud and still has a career?/
I thought 50 finished you Ricky he rapped your eulogy/
Tupac’s back wit no raps about community/
Keep ya head up cuz Brenda’s got a baby/
And so Lauren London a baby by Baby’s baby/
Muah kiss him on the lips snap a pic it’s all good/
Cuz now you’ll catapult right to number one in the hood/
So you don’t have to be real, homophobic or misogynistic/
Just find the population’s ass, then massage and kiss it
Track Name: Pray (A Romantic Interlude)
When I call you baby, you have nothing to say/
Why oh why must it be this way?/
Not this again, back to barely friends/
Is this the end let me get on my knees and pray

Lord oh Lord where’s my baby?
Is it me or is it she the one that’s crazy?

Lord let me get on my knees and pray….

Girl I called you the other day: hey, were things at work going your way?
The only response that I got was………it was okay.
So now what am I to do this conversation is breakin me into
A messed up wreck wondering what the heck…don’t say.
She’s leavin me now, I done screwed up again
What’s the point of this fighting?
When I know I won’t win…..

Another conversation where I’m just waitin/
For you to say something for you to stop hatin/
You just did this, it shouldn’t happen that soon/
last week I had promised to clean the bathroom/
So after I did what I promised 3 days late/
Our relationship shoulda been almost great/
And now we back on this again?/
Right back to barely friends?/
What I do this time? If I screwed up, fine./
But stop wit the silent cop detective games/
I’m a grown man I don’t like no guessing games/
Miss Congeniality, I’m not Jesse James/
So stop treating me like I done drank some brew/
Found some dirty nasty little slutty skank from school/
I got like two groupies I coulda been banged some sluts/
But I chose to stay true that’s why I’m stayin with you/
So don’t act like I never sacrifice/
You had a crap day oh well that’s just life/
And whoever said happy wife, happy life/
Is the dumbest man alive, I should slap him twice/